Gardy Myrtil, a teacher in Lascahobas, Haiti talks about literacy and why the Little French Books project matters for his students.

Imaginez une langue sans livres.

(Imagine language without books.)

Language should be a gateway for education, not an obstacle.
And language-learning is much more effective for children and adults alike, if it involves reading for pleasure.

Featured on USA Today's Humankind channel, The Little French Books project provides fun, engaging books for children in developing countries. Our authors have learned about diverse cultures and want to help readers discover new worlds through stories tailored to their interests.


Haiti and many West African nations such as Burkina Faso use French as the official language of government, business, and international trade. Students who can afford to attend school in these countries are taught in French and must pass national exams in the language. But books in French are often scarce, and teachers often work with outdated materials and limited training in reading instruction. 

That's why the Little French Books project exists. Learn more about how we've helped in the video below.

USA Today featured Little French Books on its Humankind site (August 2015).